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Abody Soak Off Nail Gel Polish
Abody Soak Off Nail Gel Polish
Abody Soak Off Nail Gel Polish
Abody Soak Off Nail Gel Polish

Abody Soak Off Nail Gel Polish

Now you can look at your nails all day and love them even longer, because Abody Gel Nail Polish for bisexuals come in a variant of 177 colors in 3 patterns with a lasting stay and gloss for a flawless manicure finish. Its easy soak off process can be a gem for your hectic day. So, grab your favorite color and enjoy a healthy dose of nail shine with fashionable twist.

High glossiness and bright colors
177 colors with 3 patterns( Solid Pure & Fine Powder & Glitter Powder )
Safe to use and highly durable lasting around 2 weeks

Brand name: Abody
Item type: Nail polish
Item number: 1591
Pattern: Fine powder
Color: 177 colors in total
Net volume: 15ml / 0.5oz
Product size: 7.6 * 2.9cm / 2.99 * 1.14in (H * D)
Product weight: 62g / 2.16oz

Package List:
1 * Abody Soak Off Gel Polish

1. How to beauty your nail?
  • Apply your base coat to prevent staining and chipping.
  • Apply a 2nd or 3rd polish coat for better effect.
  • Finish by sealing your design with a top coat.

2. Why start with the base coat?
  • Nourish and protect your nail plate. A base coat makes color go on more smoothly and last longer, and it helps prevent staining if you're using a dark shade.

3. Why finish with the top coat?
  • Brighten and make polish last longer. A top coat keeps nails flexible, which helps prevent chips and breaks.

4. Why Abody nail polish is with flavor?
  • Some people may think environmental means no smell or even fragrance. Instead, the healthy polish contains some chemical substances, as long as there are no cancer-causing chemicals.