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About us


An E-commerce platform like no other, Ease In Tees is here to destroy the boundaries set within humanity. A collection of exquisite clothes, accessories, jewellery and so much more, collaborated keeping in mind the third gender of our society, the LGBTQ. With a feeling that goes beyond the depth of the hearts, Ease In Tees is looking to celebrate the LGBTQ Community.

If you are extremely happy and if you wish to celebrate an occasion, Ease In Tees can offer you means to pamper yourself without guilt. If you have no one to share your downfalls with, Ease In Tees is here to offer a shoulder and an ear with a twist of comfort items to uplift your mood.

With a huge variety of products, Ease In Tees offers you best prices with an easy to pay methodology including availability of Bitcoins transactions on its platform. Now the pay process got quicker and smarter.

To all the people out there, Ease In Tees wishes to spread the message that being different is not being wrong. In fact, difference rouses curiosity and curiosity give rise to something new that can be how you want it, good or bad. After all, it’s the perspective that makes the decision and not the 'something' itself.