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Pete Buttigieg: A Step into Presidential Elections 2020

In the history of American Politics, there has never been such awareness towards the LGBT Community. Even after the coming out of celebrities across the world, it still has not impacted the views of the country as a whole. But a strong step of one individual has brought the American citizens into a new era, the one where every individual will understand the equality treatment no matter the caste, class, race, sexuality and gender. Pete Buttigieg’s declaration has brought out the question about his capability, which can be answered by tracing through his journey to this stage.

Early Life & Education Milestones

Born in 1982, Pete Buttigieg’s life has been full of successful milestones starting with being a Valedictorian in high school in South Bend (his birth place). Followed by this, he was awarded the first prize by the John F. Kennedy Library for the JFK Profiles for his work in Courage Essay Contest. Receiving this award in Boston led him to encountering the President Kennedy’s family which was another milestone in his life. Later on, he moved on to Harvard Education in the field of History and Literature. Not only his education in Harvard, but his position as the President of Political Society was in itself a great indication of his interest as well as experience in the political matters. It led to him receiving Rhodes Scholarship upon Graduation as well as First-class honours in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford.
This complete journey of his youth and Education has undoubtedly given him the boost he needed to step into Political Society in the near future.

Career Foundation & Rise into Elections

Pete Buttigieg’s career began with a base of a couple of internships with studies and jobs thereafter as conference director in the former U.S. Secretary of Defence’s consulting firm and as a policy and research analyst for the then Senator’s Presidential Campaign. Several years down from then, Pete was deployed as a Naval Intelligence Officer and later as the Lieutenant in Naval Reserve.
Pete ran for Mayor elections of 2011 and won with 74% of votes making him the second youngest Mayor of South Bend. He went on to win the elections for Mayor of South Bend, second time in a row in 2014. Sometime post the second win, a legislative was passed allowing open discrimination against the LGBT Community to which Pete Buttigieg openly protested. This led to him coming out publicly as Gay. His initiatives thereafter and work along with his background instigated positive responses from general public and media indicating openly that he could very well be the ‘first gay president of U.S.’.

A step into Presidential Elections 2020

January 2019 saw the highlighting declaration of Buttigieg looking into Democratic Nomination for Presidential Election 2020. He launched the official campaign in second week of April 2019 with a recognizable campaign token Pete 2020 website, his ultimate step into Elections.
Ease In Tees believes that this is a start of something extraordinary for the people of America. With the successful nomination as well as selection of Pete Buttigieg as openly first Gay President of U.S.A., the doors to discrimination of LGBT Community would be closed permanently and legally. Level of acceptance of ‘Something Different’ in society would rise exponentially as well the humanity factor and enlightenment in the minds of people. EIT supports Pete Buttigieg and looks forward to his work and initiatives for the benefit of America if and hopefully when he succeeds.

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