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Guide For LGBT Wedding Celebration

Its actually quite easy when you think about the preparations you need to start for your LGBT wedding celebrations. After looking at the wedding guide for the Preparations #1, you must have understood what needs to be the first step when you actually start contemplating having an LGBT wedding with your partner. Now when you have crossed the stage of basic outlining of the details like LGBT wedding date, LGBT wedding rings, LGBT wedding venue and so on, you are ready to actually begin planning the details of the ceremonies.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that whatever you begin to plan in terms of colors, outlook, decorations etc., everything should be gender neutral.
  2. Selecting songs for ‘Bridal entry’, ‘first dance’ and so on needs to be made based on the preference of both partners whomsoever wishes to play the particular role entitled. Otherwise, both partners could either choose to begin from the Altar (in case of Gay Wedding) or enter the walkway to Alter (in case of Lesbian Wedding).
  3. Choosing your perfect attire for the
    wedding can all boil down to the same thing, choosing to be either the bride or the groom for the LGBT wedding couple. In case of Gay wedding, grooms might wish to dress up in Grooms attire or one may even choose to cross dress. Similar might happen in the Lesbian wedding.
  4. Writing your vows need no gender preference but this is definitely
    something you would not want to skip over. Pouring your heart out to your partner on your LGBT wedding ceremony would be the highlight of your day.

Next that comes in the preparation agenda is to tackling the issue of bridal and grooms party.

  1. In case of Lesbian wedding, you have to deal with two mothers and fathers of brides which is in fact not an issue but a different something. So, if the couple decide to enter one by one down the Altar, then the fathers for both will do the honours while mothers would take the head seat on each side of the Altar.
  2. In case of Gay wedding, you would be inclined to get confused about two best men. But that is not an issue too. All you have to do is have grooms party on both sides be the bridesmaids and groomsmen both on either side.

No matter what situation arises that brings confusion, you can sit together with your partner and families and solve it by coming to a unifying decision. So, gear up for your big day, get ready to prepare for the best day of your life and ensure that everyone in your friends and family circles are involved with you on your LGBT wedding with the same level of excitement and happiness as yours.


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